1. K

    Script? Move shoot - sniper

    Hey, I'm just sondering the following. I used to play a game where you would be able to shoot perfect with snipper while walking. So what i did is make a macro on my mouse, so that i would press walk right before actually shooting. So in this way you can just run zoomed in and whenever you shoot...
  2. R

    Twitch TV

    Eu posso usar o twitch tv para filmar minhas partidas ao vivo que na transmissão não aparecerá que eu uso hack? Can I use the twitch tv to shoot my live matches that in the broadcast will not appear that I use hack?
  3. mins13

    Very easy to play with this gorgeous "LC"

    Ez supreme And so almost every time, if your team isn't pulling No visuals No trigger
  4. Y

    Bought the cheats but concerned for no Autopistol

    I think this option is a must because I had other cheats before and i always put it on, otherwise i shoot like a 6 years old girl. Is there any chance it will be added?
  5. L

    Aftershoot suggestion?

    Is it possible to add an "after shoot" feature in the hack? It kinda looks real cheesy when i'm using the aimbot and it stops shooting right as the person dies.  Thanks! :)