1. Abe

    Someone who doe's FACEIT BOOSTING?

    Hey! Do any of the LC members do FACEIT BOOSTING? Price per lvl if soo? And who? =)
  2. gecko1337

    CS GO Boosting Service / Virus1x (FaceIt)

    Great boosting service, just finished the boost. He is very talented and a nice guy. Amazing play, Fun, and near 100% Winrate. Thanks! i would do it again if necessary.
  3. stfn

    Someone got a bot for +reps on profile?

    please write me if someone has one!
  4. Virus1x

    The cold hard facts.

    We have had a large influx of tickets and requests stating that we are not truly transparent with our customers so this thread is designed to answer the questions and continue the transparency that League Cheats has with it's user base. We have nothing to hide and will never hide anything from...
  5. Jimster480

    LeagueCheats Forum Restoration / Updater Possibly Limited Connectivity

    The website and updater server went down today due to the massive connectivity failure that happened to OVH NA after an 800gbit fibre bundle was cut in a lake early this morning. The connectivity has been restored to many (but apparently not to everyone yet) more and more will have connectivity...