1. Aleixo

    Does Faceit AC detect IP?

    I'm using another pc and vpn to login to faceit website and search for a game, so I don't get banned for having more banned accounts, but I'm using the IP that I used in my previous accounts, to play and to login to faceit AC, and I'm not sure if the AC detects that I'm using that IP and if it...
  2. K


    LeagueCheats aroused my interest and so I researched a little. Is the FaceIT Anti Client Secure for everyone active or private? If it is only for private beta: how do I get beta access?
  3. bitz0r

    Parents on Netflix = PING on CSGO

    I have a 15 megabyte connection and whenever they start watching something (1080p on a smart TV) my ping starts to vary between 90 and 200. That sucks. Can anyone suggest a solution other than turning off Wi-Fi or increasing the speed of my internet? My shitty provider does not offer higher...
  4. cornichon

    Question vac status and faceit

    Hello, 1: Who long time csgo cheat are vac undetected? 2. I have see who customer are waiting for uptade for playing on faceit AC, but if i play only with the trigerbot can i play actualy on faceitac or need to wait for up to?