1. Sui7

    14-16 against cheater LC THE BEST

    got 4-0 against the cheater at first and then he said he really wanted supreme and toggled got a sick scout round on him tho which is nice 4 fast kills with scout all hs "scout only for 5 years Kappa" LC IS THE BEST <3 Edit:Yeah i know i forgot to block the names in chatNotLikeThisFailFish
  2. Sparkles

    [Looking for demos]

    Hi guys, I need a demo to your moments with cheat. In the coming days will be a new video with your momentsDatSheffy You need: 1) Send a comment(or message me)to the link to the demo (Only GOTV) Format: frags_tick_name_map.dem (5k_108000_mrtwice_demirage.dem) I Agree: 5k (M4A1-s, M4A4...