1. Moose

    Need some info on Overwatch

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone can confirm somethings for CSGO Overwatch. 1: Is it 11 or 10 reports 2: Is it true you get into an OW case when you get over 45 kills That's all, Beautiful. Ran into some normie using Vacware. and fed him kills. And as usual, the rounds I did I try, I murked him...
  2. $nowii

    i raged

    so i rage hacked with 8 fov no smooth an auto on faceit will i get banned some guys said they will report me on faceit some asked how to do it how many reports so admins start to watch ur demos?
  3. kanske

    Finally a win against a rage hacker

    This was a fun game you can clearly see when he turn on rage settings. Hes legit settings in the beginning was really obvious still he got rekt. This was on Prime.