1. R


    Does the ESP work with any res? And does it work with multi core rendering on?
  2. Giraffe1337

    Fullscreen and multicore rendering?

    I already bought the cheat, just waiting for Jimster to do his thing :) But i remember last time i was there, you couldn't have the game in fullscreen and had to disable multicore rendering, just wondering is that still a thing? o.O
  3. F

    lower end pc

    hi, will this cheat work with lower end pc's or is it just not worth it?
  4. SARS

    LC CS:GO Review (1 Month)

    The following is my honest review of League Cheat's CS:GO Multi cheat. -------------------------------------------------------------- Before I begin (I'm sure most people know this, but for newcomers who happen to read this), this cheat is not a rage hack or anything like that. You can apply...
  5. N

    Questions before buying >!! :D

    Hello. I m planning to buy non-league multicheat for cs go in 2 weeks or something like that. I am busy with school because I'm having the high school in another city than the one where I live so I play on my laptop and I play with 180 - 200 fps maximum. The questions are: -Is this hack making...