1. Aleixo

    faceit data removed, what now

    faceit just sent me an email telling me that my account is now on a 30 day quarantine period, and that after these 30 days, my data will be completely removed. Does that mean that I can use the same IP in my new account when they remove all the data?
  2. R

    Cheat team faceit

    Hey guys im looking for some players to play faceit with that can play with cheats to carry me i want to get fpl challenger i bought the cheat today faceit : Steam : Do note i cheated with a other cheat but it doesnt matter i assume.
  3. toker

    Cheat Banwave Account Insurance

    Hi! How does the Cheat Banwave Account Insurance works? If i buy that insurance do i get My account that was banned back or what u do? And is it for faceit bans to? Or Only the cs go?