1. Jimster480

    Automatic Compensation Processed

    Hey all, Hope everyone is enjoying the new update! Everyone who logged in at least 25 times from 4/15/18 to 5/15/18 received 1 month of service. Everyone who purchased from 5/15/18 to 6/1/18 received the days back that they lost when LC3.0 wasn't yet out. Please feel free to download the new...
  2. D

    I have not received my VIP

    Hello, I bought hack from mar1k and i have not received my VIP. Help please
  3. A

    I received the email but I can't download the hack?

    Hi there! I received the email but Jimster but I do not have permission to view the instructions nor download the hack. Does this mean I am not activated even though i have received the email? Thanks!