1. Michelle

    FaceIt Premium

    this ready to use on premium yet?
  2. E

    Working on Esea?

    Working on Esea?
  3. T

    Why LC > all? Full aimbot showcase + 25% demo speed included (Triple zoom on crosshair)

    Triple zoom on crosshair + 25% demo speed clip included (Used almost all possible LC's features such as Autoshot type2 supersmooth etc..) Perfect AK accuracy 15:15 Pistol 17:11 Deagle
  4. albanerendk

    Another Deagle Ace :D

    using @Virus1x deagle settings :) well, kinda nerfed them a bit, but his primarily
  5. T


    Hi i would like to ask a quick question before buying. I saw some threads before and it states that EAC support will be here in a few weeks? Is there an exact date? really interested in purchasing =)
  6. B

    Just purchased: Quick Questions

    1. Does the non LC multi CSGO work for faceit (Aimbot/Esp) on Non-League version (I hope so cause thats what I bought lol) 2. How will I know where to go to get the cheat/when will I know its ready :D 3. Thanks for taking the time to read this post!