1. Resolved

    Is this Dawn doing LC proud?

    I saw this video and it made me wonder is this Leaguecheats DAWN? @Dawnyy If so great job
  2. Dexter Morgan

    Source Engine Mouse bug

    Hey guys, i got a bug with my mouse movement ingame, first of all i wanna clarify: The mouse is not the problem, i've reinstalled my pc, ive reinstalled steam/cs whatever, im not using razer synapse, works fine on raw_input 1, windows mouse accel off, cs mouse accel off. Ok, my problem is that...
  3. N

    important questions? guess

    Hey. I have been out of this site for many months, now I got back and I have few questions 1) Did LC 3.0 get released? When I last used this site, it was LC 2.5 2) Do you still have to disable multicore rendering to make it work? 3) Can you use m_rawinput 1? Thanks Thankkss!
  4. T

    Quick Testimonial

    Really good cheat, good quality and everything. I think I would really love it. But I need aimbot and if I disable raw input in game it makes my mouse jumpy and stuff and I cant move it that much at all without it spiraling out of control >_>.