1. Rob Jau

    Does the ESP only contains those weird Boxes?

    Cause thats very weird, im more obvious with it as the cheats i've used before. I need some skeleton or that entire enemy is painted blue.
  2. H

    Private versions?

    is it possible to get private versions? i can pay up to 1000 dollars mabye more
  3. meninodaartic

    After almost a year LC

    Well, what can I say? League Cheats is the best cheat provider that I've already used, I used to try another providers but none of them is like LC, first is because all aimbots that I've used aren't legit, second they don't teach you how to play and third but not less important, the community...
  4. J

    Username or email?

    I've put the email in place of the username on the buy page, does it still work?
  5. panzer


    RECORDED with shadowplay :) ...