1. G

    when i buy i must wait?

    when i buy the cheat i mujst using 6 month to bypass faceit client ?
  2. B

    Over year plus

    no vac's, need i say more? other forums love to talk shit about jimmy, which postponed me trying this cheat. eventually after fail provider after fail provider I gave LC a shot, havent used anything else since.
  3. Aqqure

    almost 5 months and still lovin it

    Today i woke up to this message BibleThump But no worries LeagueCheats is the best cheat provider i very much recommend to buy it DatSheffy
  4. C

    Sound ESP

    Hey guys, my subscription to another provider is about to run out and I've heard great things about LC. I live in a house with some buddies so I can't use chams/walls. Are there any upcoming plans for a sound ESP?