1. A

    Stream protection

    So does the cheat have stream/video protection? Like for twitch or youtube ~I'll be VIP soon~
  2. Y

    CSGO Multi League vs CSGO Multi Non-League LC 3.0 Beta FaceIT?

    Wondering what the exact difference is? I did a google search and apparently its just userbase? there has to be more right
  3. P

    stream proof

    Hei, can i record with obs so the visuals are not on the record?
  4. N

    Help! :D

    So, the non-league version of multihack cs go is fully UD on FaceIT? Also, can I find on this forum any legit settings and also good settings for FaceIT league? Thanks EDIT: It only has IN-GAME menu? What if I want to play it on lan? Doesn't it have an .ini file or settings where I can...