1. S

    Pro league cheat

    When I can buy the pro league version, who bypass faceit Client-Side ac ?
  2. fmr

    1001st Post and My stay in LC.

    As I look up the member page, I see all the hall of famers in LC. Well, the most number of posts, does not show how long you have stayed in LC, but how active you are. From the start, I just wanted to be active too, and be part of that active members list. Here I am, posting my 1001st. Why do I...
  3. F

    What is "Swag Level"?

    What is swag level and how does it get influenced? Should I be scared of people with low swag level?
  4. H


    Hi all i have question i want buy cheats but i need to buy it from psc but i dont know how so please help me thanks? Sorry for my posts i know i have a lot of posts on this site per day but i am first time there so dont give me spam ban please. Thanks fo answer my question btw. :)