1. N

    first week with lc

    Hello community, wow what a great cheat. The customisation is so nice, i can change my settings in so many ways. I really love this. I played 6000h clean and I was good. With the cheat i do a high skill jump its feels so great. Yeah I have little problems. An example is the Smooth aim, I don´t...
  2. Xiuston2

    One Global vs 5 Silvers

    Yo peeps. So after probably two years, Ive managed to decay my smurf from DMG to Silver 2, and today I decided I wanted to do one matchmaking and see what rank I would get, and try out my new deagle/pistol settings. Note that this is 32 tick demo. Pistol has 1.45 fov, 6 smoothaim, 8 supersmooth...
  3. mins13

    Very easy to play with this gorgeous "LC"

    Ez supreme And so almost every time, if your team isn't pulling No visuals No trigger
  4. L


    Could anyone help me out with recoil settings I just can't seem to get it wright. It's just like without using a cheat I have to do it my self :P Resolution=1366-768
  5. kanske

    Usp 4k 1taps

  6. Dowiie

    Pistol 4k unedited

    A nice pistol glutch, didnt have time to edit it do. No wallhack or trigger used.
  7. T

    Why LC > all? Full aimbot showcase + 25% demo speed included (Triple zoom on crosshair)

    Triple zoom on crosshair + 25% demo speed clip included (Used almost all possible LC's features such as Autoshot type2 supersmooth etc..) Perfect AK accuracy 15:15 Pistol 17:11 Deagle
  8. T

    AWP Dragon Lore Factory New Gameplay with Leaguecheats

    Testing some AWP settings
  9. navysonar

    They Call me Out ! Need Feedback !

    Hey guys, Last night I played a game of MM, and the whole enemy team called me out the I was using Hacks, I finished the game with 31-17. I dont use any visuals , only AB , TB Can you tell me If I could get OW Ban with this game. What should I improve so I don't get report like last night...