1. M

    thanks spy0x

    I want to thank the person with the nickname spy0x (volodya) a very good, responsive person. I bought leaguecheats for the first time, and did not understand what to do, spy0x helped, thanks!
  2. NishJunkie

    Ai who wanne be my friend (invite)

    ai ai ai lads I need a friend with 10 month + so he can invite me for the client sided cheat thanks in advance
  3. sebus1315

    5-7 is soo op (faceit ac non lc )

  4. Thomisk

    Valve fixed reportbots

    Oh my god,matchmaking will be more dead,than it ever was. Valve fixed reportbots as i read. Spinbotters with rage cheats will be everywhere. :P Well,but LC will destroy them all,even when they have rage cheats. But rip legit guys on nonprime. xD
  5. image

    Possible H1Z1 cheat (SLOTTED)

    I was wondering if anyone would like to come together and maybe ask jim to make a low fov aimbot for h1z1 kotk i was thinking 50 slots and we would all pay him £100 up front then £50 a week or something? as there are no h1z1 safe cheats out there