1. VAULT1909


    Last time i used league was ages ago so i dont have a sub, was it just detected?
  2. Aleixo

    Applying for Beta (Question)

    So, after a couple of weeks of inactivity I'm back and just renewed my sub, just wanted to ask if there is a way where I can apply to Beta without being 18 y/o. (I'm 17 atm, only 18 in october). If not, then when will I be able to get access when I'm 18? (in 6 months).
  3. T

    Free VIP view access for expired users in October/November

    Hi, If you expired in October/November, but you still want to view our VIP's sections. Here is what you need to do: 1. Open a Support Ticket 2. Select Administrative departament 3. Use ST title "VIP Forum Access, expired in October or November" 4. Fill in the data (Auth username, Bought...