1. Hi<3

    Pro Optic India player caught cheating LOL

    This is funny minute: 7:19 7:28 Here is cheat folder 7:42
  2. D

    4k 1v3 deagle + random clutch

    Did a crisp clean deagle round bois. My first game with lc (haven't used it in about 6 months) Got more clips but only took the rounds that I enjoyed to win. All is recorded in pov demo 64 tick.
  3. kronix2

    33 kills 1 death 90%+ HS

  4. panzer

    4K on GLOCK

    shadowplay suckz
  5. albanerendk

    How To Deagle :D

    recorded with shadowplay, instant reply thingy, so might be more "locky" than usual, dunno. supersmooth 8 though :P
  6. JECKY1

    play in mm global elite

    guys sorry for the bad quality but still you can see my demo and tell you how my settings?
  7. albanerendk

    1Deag Ace

  8. T

    Few Clips (deathmsg test)

    I finally figured out how to manipulate the deathmessages. This is my first take on it thats why I am not using any campaths. I hope you guys enjoy it. :)
  9. Mrtweeday

    new settings, legit?

    first of all sorry for the delay, gotv ftw. what are u thinking about this settings? are they a bit too obv or is this good so. i have a 60-75 hs %. : )
  10. E

    CSGO Multi Pre-Sale

    Looking more towards a recoil solution. Does your recoil prediction have a control system to where it basically pulls down for you so you can spray and it looks like your doing the work, but actually not? Furthermore, is Multi good for Faceit including visuals? Thanks for the help and answers.