1. panzer

    HOW to win on 1ST ROUND

    --- Double-post Merged (Please used the edit button) --- ToXMAGIC @ToX seems that u have fans on Brazil
  2. Xuniku

    How to disable Windows Defender on win 10 home ?

    I tried searching on the google , but what I get is rip wallet for antivirus ;( or upgrade win pro ; 9
  3. Get_Right

    microsoft anti cheat wtf is this crap :P
  4. Aaron

    Read if on Windows 10:

    WE DID IT BOIS How to get the fix: Open Settings (Windows key + I) > Updates and Security > Windows Insider Program > Sign In > Once registered and accepted (takes a few minutes at worst) > Active Development Builds > Slow. Save then check for updates and you should be given 16251. Okay...
  5. thegame

    Windows 7

    WIN 7 64 bit ISO download any links ?
  6. thegame

    Keyboard + Headset

    I guess I wanna buy a new keyboard Cheap but functional and makes no sounds when pressing keys and if it has a little lightning also a plus. any suggestions ? if yes please link me place to buy with pictures and reason why i should buy it. Headsets too please same as above they should be comfy...
  7. darbak


    Guys how safe and a good way to change my HWID without replacing the disk? Some service offers something like once organner with chameleon