1. KRM8

    Asking for activation times?

    Just a random rant here. Can people stop asking for activation times. @ToX Is handling what he can. In the current situation @Jimster480 was hit horrendously by Irma, And clearly in this situation LC is not going to be on his mind. Being hit by a CAT 4 Storm (the worst EVER in the ATL...
  2. Jimster480

    LeagueCheats Setup / Development Delays

    Hey everyone, As many of you know I live in Miami. We are currently bracing for possible impact of Hurricane Irma, I will do my best to remain connected here to process things as much as I can. If / When I am knocked offline @ToX will be filling in for setups and other things (albeit at a slower...
  3. HighLANderr

    Holiday to Miami

    Hey guys/gals I'm going to be travelling to Miami in about a week, for 3 weeks. I'm just curious if anyone is from there here? As I only know one person there, it would be cool to make some new friends that also love CS and wouldn't mind showing me around some of your favourite spots, and also...