1. mrboss

    New member,want to buy,esl

    Hi there guys. I am intrested on playing on Esportal and Faceit(client). my questions are : 1)what version ( i am a new member) should i buy of league cheats to play on esportal or face it? 2)your aimbot is legit?humanized? 3)i use only chams,you got em ? :) 4)what type of payments you...
  2. Juan Roberto

    New member, questions GAMERSCLUB HACK BUY UNDETECTED

    1-Is it a hundred safety per cent to use in gamersclub? 2-That it differentiates is it between the option " pro league " and the option " multi cheat "? 3-is it possible to pay with skins?
  3. Sui7

    2 questions

    So I see tox is no longer on the staff team do you still pm him about paying with skins and why is he not staff anymore?
  4. Defiant

    Why has my forum rank changed?

    I've been subbed here for a while now and had the rank DMG with cheats. Since my sub expired and I re subbed it's gone to new member. Why is this? Not that I care about it, just wondering.