1. mrboss

    New member,want to buy,esl

    Hi there guys. I am intrested on playing on Esportal and Faceit(client). my questions are : 1)what version ( i am a new member) should i buy of league cheats to play on esportal or face it? 2)your aimbot is legit?humanized? 3)i use only chams,you got em ? :) 4)what type of payments you...
  2. Juan Roberto

    New member, questions GAMERSCLUB HACK BUY UNDETECTED

    1-Is it a hundred safety per cent to use in gamersclub? 2-That it differentiates is it between the option " pro league " and the option " multi cheat "? 3-is it possible to pay with skins?
  3. Sui7

    2 questions

    So I see tox is no longer on the staff team do you still pm him about paying with skins and why is he not staff anymore?