1. rileyjswish

    just a few questions

    i have a few questions before i considering buy, if anyone would help please answer I would appreciate that. 1. is undetected on csgo matchmaking? 2. is undetected on esea matchmaking?
  2. legitbeast

    4 kills in 20 seconds

    if anyone has demos they'd like edited send them my way - I'll give it a shot, this was compiled and rendered in 5 minutes.
  3. CarlPoppa

    Played with Hiko LOL

    Ignore the score i was freaking out lmao
  4. legitbeast

    MM m4 d2 ace

    ft. decent positioning
  5. svgod

    4k glock-18 on MM

    Sry for music :(
  6. LocalMeteorologist

    Prepurchase questions

    I have been lurking around these forums and the CS:GO cheats seem to be very promising. I do have a few prepurchase questions. What is your ban rate? (includes MM, CEVO, FACEIT, etc.) When was the last time a VAC ban or league ban was issued to a cheat subscriber? About a year ago, I got a...