1. N

    Faceit AC version (PL)

    Hello I have 1 simple quastion. I am old user of LC, my sub expired... :/ Can I buy PRO LEAGUE VERSION now, or i need to buy another version, use it 6mths and then try to apply?
  2. FD^GoD

    How i totaly rekt spinbotter :)

    On this match all noobs used aimshit and even with spinbot they still get rekt by LC <3 :D We won match 16 to 6 :D and i played there only with my friend @kuris
  3. svgod

    How to win vs spinning shit with legit settings on matchmaking

    From 9 round to end spinning, ez pz. @1337xLeague @Narcas @sebus1315
  4. panzer


    Ez Win against semi-pro player (probably cheating) and a popualr streamer girl.... results: REKTED BY ME, LC AND MY FRIENDS FUNNY MATCH ! LOL xD
  5. S

    Questions CSGO-Privat-Hack

    Hello User, I would like to buy the CS: GO private-hack, but I still ask before. 1. Can you use the hack without fear before a boost in: - Faceit - MM Match - ESL - ESEA Match play ? 2. Is it possible to test the hack 1 hour or is it not possible? 3. Is there also German support, since my...
  6. Aqqure

    Testing some configs

    First match 0.00 - 4.33 is Config by FD^GoD Edited from ToX's FullBot Second match 4.33 - 8.50 Config for Matchmaking by BestGollumEU, edited version from 90$ Pro Setup. Visuals used: first match key esp, second match: only visible esp for easier spotting