1. J manual bans question

    Hi, does anyone cheat on ? Do they do manual bans? If they do, how blatant do you need to be?
  2. clanclasherxx

    FACEIT shit.

    Sorry for bad quality im not good in editing tho, its my first time. kek edit: btw. that acc got manual ban tho. haha
  3. Pollete

    Can I play ESEA?

    Can I play esea with this cheat¿?
  4. A


    so i got today banned from faceit from cheating. i used this hack without anti cheat with legit aimbot without esp or anything... When faceit forced me to download client i downloaded it and i played without hacks. This was like 2 weeks ago. Now im banned for cheating and i have never launched...
  5. H

    wondering of buying...

    but almost every screenshot/video from faceit gameplay, i searched em up from faceit and almost everyone banned with normal kd... how is that?
  6. D


    Why was joee banned on esl? Was he manually banned? I thought the cheat was ud on faceit, cevo, and esl.