1. Dawnyy

    What are just these words from Bhop...

    Ok, so recently a vac wave hit and Bhop, the most blatant "legit" hacking youtuber, made a video about it, and in the video as you can see he saw multiple spam comments of leaguecheats, and complained about the price, how it is overpriced and it's aimbot is shit, it isnt well coded, and the esp...
  2. F

    A couple of questions about CS:GO cheat

    Hello guys, I would like to know, Multi League works on faceit ? Bans do not give ?
  3. D

    Question regarding league-multi

    Hey guys what's up, Ive been looking at this cheat for a long time and Ive heard nothing but good things about you, Im going to be purchasing the $35.00 league multi CS:GO cheat today and I have some questions. - What leagues can I use this cheat on ? - Is it hard to setup - Does the aimbot snap...