1. Resolved

    1 Frame 1 Kill

    Like my setting? Faceit has its new FlipGod coming soon
  2. Guilford

    FACEIT will host the next CS:GO Major in September

    According to a report by Jarek “DeKay” Lewis on, Valve has already made a decision about who will host the next Major. As stated by Lewis in his article, FACEIT will be the tournament organizer who will get the chance to host their first CS:GO Major. The Location will be the SSE...
  3. R

    Major 2018 at Boston is actually an event of cheaters.

    Post under your fishy clips etc. Here is mine clip: watch oskar at 16 sec and 0.25 speed
  4. rtgames1

    Cheats in large lan houses it's possible?

    In a recent interview, the Brazilians SK Gaming when asked if it is possible to cheat in major championships, they said that it is practically impossible, because they confiscate the equipment and investigate if there is anything. Is this really so? Because we see several cases of aimlock in...
  5. K

    What cheats use pro players ?

    We all know pro players are using cheats (not eveyone) and i was thinking what cheats they are using becuase they werent banned yet ;o