1. xans

    Remember when I said I was lucky?

    So... @ToX advised me to stop, but you know how gambling works FROM $5 TO $410 BOIIIISS Ps: I know I have problems, but well, it turns out I'm pretty fucking lucky apparently.
  2. 1337xLeague

    Never Lucky

    Again, after a half year 1 case opend aaaaand..... Never Lucky Kappa
  3. xans

    So it seems my luck has returned

    Well, yesterday I had some old skins (around $10) on my inventory, decided to give a shot on some coinflips and ended the day on $96 So after that I was thinking well, my luck is gone now, no reason to botter again, but guess what, being stupid as I am I decided to go all in over a flip knife...
  4. NishJunkie


  5. zYamamoto

    Shadow Daggers with just one key...

  6. tomato

    Small Little Spraytransfer

    Not really worth an upload but enjoy lol Aimtime=350 nohop=1
  7. M

    Visuals and Skin changer

    Can I use Skin changer and Visuals while playing FACEIT ??