1. Resolved

    How Subroza Really Plays Csgo

    Just a little edit I made today for my channel as a sort of introduction to my knife cheating series but more as a joke/meme parody of the video "Subroza movie". Hopefully nobody hates it too much :p
  2. chimichangas

    Back from a long sleep | easy 4k

    And heey, I got the quality on my vids a little higher:p:p4k in this means= 4kills in 4k quality ;)
  3. O

    Deagle Settings Test

    Testing out some deagle settings on an aim map..
  4. cLeAzyyy

    4k Deagle

    so yeah thats it actually.
  5. Forsaken

    My First Year

    Well i've been here little over a year now just wanted to say I have been lurking in the shadows. But now i'm going to be a little more known to everyone. See you on the forums :D Cheers to another great year with LC
  6. M

    After purchase.

    Hello :) sorry for errors in english i am brazilian brows ;) I have just bought this software, YOU MAY check if my payment has already been Done ?