1. I

    Lan cheating csgo

    Hey, if u were going to lan, not byoc, is there anyway to cheat? For example on smartlaunch (used at internet cafes). U csn bring own mouse and all gear, and to stick in USB and do whatever u want on pc is fine no one looks. But the thibg is there is no admin access to files or whatsoever. Is...
  2. Dowiie

    Linux cheating

    Hi, have a question about Linux. Linux have no vac system, so why not use Linux when they cheat? Is Aimbot and the other functions worse on Linux? Always wounder that, never tried.
  3. R

    Linux Support

    Hey, i found your site when searching for linux p2c's I'm referencing this thread: I was wondering if that is still happening / or is already done. I don't see either of the two in your supported operating systems so i'll ask here.