1. Singularity

    Level Algorithm

    [email protected], (im coding games for fun) so i need to find out how to get to this Algorithm, so lets say we are a Charakter with "Level One" and a level up cost 75Gold and we have a "input" field where we write down our "level" which we want to have calculated(the price), after ea. level up...
  2. F

    What is "Swag Level"?

    What is swag level and how does it get influenced? Should I be scared of people with low swag level?
  3. T

    Could anyone boost me on faceit?

    Could anyone boost me on faceit? Like i used to be level 7-8 but due to solo queing and shity teams, I have deranked to level 3, and its really hard to level up now with solo queing.
  4. Xuniku

    Can I get banned with this stats =D

  5. thegame

    Steam profile

    Nice looking steam profiles who has one or who knows one who has it no need for links SS enough for safety or if its a random you can post it. I want to make mine look good but still looking for suggestion. who knows someone who makes nice profiles thanks up front
  6. thegame


    what does the swag level represent and how does it work. @ToX also @4DHERo can you explain this https://leaguecheats.com/members/?type=points how did you get to 145 point if there are only 123 point to collect. thanks upfront.
  7. KKUkUr2017

    FACEit ??

    Whats the highest level or league u achieved with LC hack on faceit ? Lets see :P
  8. NishJunkie

    I'm 26, she's 12, she wants me, what do I do?

    Been playing CSGO with a women.. I'm up to level 26, but she's only level 12.. She really wants me in her clan to boost her.. What should I do KappaPride
  9. Ziath

    Cheat Setup questions?

    I noticed there was an option to get you're cheat up by one of the staff members here. level 1 -$10 level 2 -$60 Level 3 - $90 What do each of these entail? Do they all come with config setups or just level 2 and 3? If I am having problems with the cheat will they help fix them if I buy this...
  10. csgoleader53

    How to activate prime

    any idea how to make my account prime I can't find the Option anywere and I don't already have any accounts prime thanks
  11. Averageplayer

    fnx back at it again

    http://oddshot.tv/shot/mlg-20160402145213590 0:17 0.25 speed