1. V

    Returning customer

    Hey team, Been a long term subscriber prior to the banwave that happened a few months ago where I decided to take a break. Thinking about making a return now and was wondering what are your opinions about the chances of Valve updating their anti-cheat and making it detectable again anytime...
  2. C

    Simple Question RE FACEIT Client

    Hello, I am sorry if i seem lazy or ignorant - I simply want to be able to use a wallhack or ESP on faceit client. I just want my cheat to be VAC proof, and Faceitclient proof... If i click buy cheats -> "ESP AND WALLHACK ONLY" -> pay for 1 month $25 ... will this mean i can just simply...
  3. S

    [PL] kupno cheata

    Czesc, chcialem sie dowiedziec jakie kryteria trzeba spelnic, zeby dostac beta testera, mialem kiedys LC ~rok temu, wiec pamietam mniej wiecej jak sie cfg robilo, aktywowalo itd. Gdzie ud jest lc na non league wersji i gdzie ud na league wersji?
  4. W

    FaceIt Visuals Esp

    Hello, Is it possible to use Visuals, or at least Radar or Sound Esp with FaceIt only server side anticheat (not client), using LEAGUE MODE? I mean, I know I can still get banned by reports or admins watching che demo, but I wanted to know if it's at least undetected by server side AC.. Thanks
  5. D

    EAC and challangme?

    Hey, Guys Is the hack at least CHALLANGEME client safe? Or EAC? Best Regards den1l0