1. Guilford

    [Supreme/Global] Ace with Glock

  2. Resolved

    Lil Frag movie (John Wick by Josh A and Jake Hill)

    Lil shitty frag edit with me sounding depressed at the end Also should I try to do raging with a knife (raging not as in spinbotting but buying a cheat with a hard aimbot) More-so me going as hard as i think i can get away with. The knife would be a gut doppler or somthing but nothing over...
  3. xans

    So it seems my luck has returned

    Well, yesterday I had some old skins (around $10) on my inventory, decided to give a shot on some coinflips and ended the day on $96 So after that I was thinking well, my luck is gone now, no reason to botter again, but guess what, being stupid as I am I decided to go all in over a flip knife...
  4. Sluqx

    From 116$ to 332$ taking the fast way

  5. sebus1315

    case opening

    That feeling when after 200 cases you get fcking butt plugs when you see special rare item its like woowowowow yeeee and then :okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay: pls kill me :(
  6. navysonar

    My New Knife ! ! !

    Just trade my knife ! ! ! Look at this beauty ! M9 Gamma Doppler Phase 2 FN Max Green Pattern #INLCWETRUST
  7. T

    Aggressive Awping Gameplay with Leaguecheats VAC/CEVO/ESL/FACEIT