1. Thomisk

    (Off-topic) Do you guys know some sort of legit site,where I can store my items ?

    Well, we are all using a LC here and most of all has been using lc on their main accounts. I trust LC so much,that I do that too. But you know,like i wanna feel even more safe,when I have high valued skins on my inventory and I kinda wanna just store it somewhere,where I can retrieve it again to...
  2. Kyle62

    Injecting on main

    Imma bit scared to inject on my main. Should I? Has $1000 inventory
  3. N

    A question for LC users

    Would you use this cheat on your main w/skins?
  4. S

    LC Undetection Streak?

    Hey guys, I've been a past user of a different private cheat. However, it was detected a few months back which got my main banned with over $1000 worth of skins in the inventory. Now that the fume has cooled down a bit, I would like to re-enter the game with a different cheat provider. I was...
  5. JECKY1

    LC is safety, so I have a knife))

    I used to be afraid to play with inventory, but I realized that it's very safe, even doing prefire as I'm on the demo, I'm confident in my settings) hahaha but do not think that I always play like this, this is an isolated case, look to the quality of 1080p, So I wrote down on my phone))...
  6. Mrtweeday

    new sick inventory

    sick inv my new sicky dicky inventory