1. Plisskien

    Intro For LeagueCheat 3 Variants

    Hi Guys, I made an intro for LC with a few options, I would like to share, maybe someday someone will use them in their own video. INFO Resolution: 1920x1080 HD Format: MP4 FPS: 60 Video Code: H.264 Duration All Options: 1,21s I hope intro is not to too short or too long. Intro preview V3.2...
  2. vhenujjne

    They like?

    First, sorry for my English, not the best I know. I know it's not a screenshot, but I didnt know where to upload it I made this design -> here in HD: And I wanted to know if they liked it, I did a couple more but it does not raise it, just the same way if they want to...