1. Resolved

    Boss Intro made by XANS THE LEGEND

    Xans made a litty intro for me and I vouch for him best intro maker ever!
  2. Resolved

    AuHope yt intro

    I made this intro for my yt and i would like honest opinions. Suggestions would be nice as well :D How about this one? Also this one was just a template that i put my name in :confused: Got told by a mate i shouldnt waste time on making an intro and just get on from yt and put my name there...
  3. Get_Right

    after effects intro

    hi guys i will create an youtube channel and i need help for intro... anyone have after effects csgo intro templates free? It does not have to be just csgo template. thanks
  4. T

    LC official intro!r1MmVaiI!u7zUrTFNU-EorSlFglVAMdjoFC2cHeu7oCo4JWfi7To