1. Get_Right

    about low/high sensitivity

    hi guys i used to play with 400 dpi 1.2 ingame with my new mouse (very good sensor) and 3.0 is kinda hard to me but lc recommend use 3.0. can i use lc with 1.2 sensi 1.05 accel?? why 3.0 is recommendable if 80%+ pro players use low sensi?
  2. Dexter Morgan

    What mouse do you use?

    Hey guys, when playing with LC on, i usually play 3 Ingame and 250 dpi, the problem is that i cant seem to find any mouse that can go 250 DPI :D And if i lower ingame sens and do higher dpi, then the aimbot start being to slow and shaky... Any idea on a mouse/fix for my issue?
  3. Sluqx

    Random Deagle Tabs

    Didnt play csgo that active for the last couple of weeks, but if you got a running lc subscription then that doesnt matter TriHard
  4. cottazzor

    m_rawinput 0

    When i use this ingame it like skips frames? When i move it really slow on the sides it barely move/ can't move, and I wonder what i need to fix? i have 400dpi 2.5 ingame m_rawinput 0. But when i move crosshair slow side to side it wont move pretty much
  5. G

    in eye record disable cheat csgo?

    When i start to record in eye demo, my cheat stops working ingame what to do?