1. fmr

    HLTV RANKINGS APRIL 2018 1. Astralis +4 2. FaZe -1 3. mousesports -1 4. Natus Vincere +2 5. fnatic -2 6. Cloud9 +2 7. SK - 8. NiP +2 9. Liquid -5 10. Gambit +6 11. G2 -2 12. Renegades - 13. TyLoo +9 14. North - 15. -4 16. HellRaisers +1 17...
  2. V

    Detection Rate

    Hi, I plan to get a CSGO ESP/WH League cheat, just wondering whats the detection rate (both in Leagues like faceit & MM) like? Are the chances of your hacks getting detected almost 0%?
  3. A

    League/Non league question

    if i was going to buy this cheat just to use in competitive matchmaking would i buy the league or non league cheat
  4. PCheater

    What Leagues Does This Support?

    Browsing the forums I could not definitively tell what leagues you support. If you tell me what ones you offically support and you know they work on would be helpful.
  5. R

    Faceit and ESEA work ?

    Hello i have buy a lot of cheat, and i havent found a cheat who work with faceit or ESEA your cheat work with this one ? thx
  6. H

    LC for League/Lan

    Hello, i want to buy LC but i have some questions. What leagues LC support : - FaceIT - ESEA - EAC LC can be used in lan with a stealh USB in mouse ? LC have a lifetime subscription ? Thanks for you'r help.
  7. cutiecat

    Some questions

    Yesterday I spent hours looking for a undetected league cheats, and this one seems the most legit. I just have a few questions before I do purchase it. How do you setup the aimbot/trigger for different weapons? Like pistol/rifle/snipers. I'm just kind of confused how you setup a config for...