1. G

    @GrandeCSGO banned in ESEA

    I believe he was using a hardware cheat for around a year, maybe we will see a hardware banwave in the near future? https://blog.esea.net/esea-hardware-cheats/ "Throughout the recent months, the ESEA Anti-Cheat team has been developing multiple detection techniques to combat hardware-based...
  2. Hi<3

    3 Cheaters VAC banned live - CSGO tournament

  3. FremFrem

    ESEA ban.

    Hello there. I got banned in March for cheating in ESEA and I will get unbanned in 2019. What I wonder is, is there anyway to bypass this? I have read on different forums, this one aswell. That by changing: Hardware ID IP MAC It will work. I have a new Motherboard, CPU and GPU after I...
  4. ribinhas

    help esea

    Hello, I was banned in the esea. I used the mac v6 that changes ip, but anyway, no further .. ESEA is BAN FOR IP OR HWID will it be that the pc is formatting to mock that?