1. Dowiie

    Match making

    Only me that noticed match making is unplayable the last months? If i go in game people scream, if i block them the kill me for blocking them or they try to kick me. If i play good then they wanna kick me for some other reasons if nothing from the above happens its ragehackers or vacware kids...
  2. zYamamoto

    Pros are legit

    For real xDDD Even me playing more legit than them.
  3. cutiecat

    Just purchased.

    So I have the shortcut and whenever I open it nothing happens, it says "waiting for program click ok" I do that but nothing happens, either that or csgo crashes what should I do?
  4. owardag

    How jealous do the guys you play against get?

    Well I made this cute little thread for alot of the boys and girls here at LC to post their experiences with MM and Leagues, try to post what happened to the guys you played against and what they said :D. Well for my MM game a day ago one of the guys on the other team said, "You are a f*****...