1. Resolved

    AuHope yt intro

    I made this intro for my yt and i would like honest opinions. Suggestions would be nice as well :D How about this one? Also this one was just a template that i put my name in :confused: Got told by a mate i shouldnt waste time on making an intro and just get on from yt and put my name there...
  2. djmazi

    Do you ever play worse with cheats?

    Hi everybody Do you ever feel that you sometimes play worse than you would without cheats? It could be in scenarios where you e.g. is afraid of getting commented on or reported. I haven't tried League Cheats yet only other cheats, but I have in some scenarios felt that i played worse than i...
  3. P

    ESEA Lan Anti-Cheat

    Guys...pro cheating is over! :D https://ESEA/index.php?s=news&d=comments&id=14906