1. A

    new build

    So I wanted to avoid vacnet %100 So i built a new pc Lol
  2. J

    I bought the hack and got the email but no permission

    When I try to link my account When I try to download launcher
  3. shizm22

    problems over problems

    hey guys, Jimster send me last day the activation email. but i get no vip access. when i click on the link i get a not filled page. Hope can i fix it, or can a Admin help me. When i try to do a support ticket like in the email i get this...
  4. P

    Faceit w/ 3x master leagues + russian streamer (500viewers)

    KALASHZOREdd Was the russian streamer: 500 viewers
  5. P

    Against Master League & Diamond League

    yo pepzzz first time playing against or with master league rank :)
  6. K

    a*mw*re detected again

    So today a*mw*re got detected again, 3 detections in 2 months wow. Some matches will back up, still waiting for ban wave guys which are using unityshit.
  7. JoeySalads

    Vacware - Spanked by Gaben