1. 4DHERo

    Graphics card

    Hey you guys I'm trying to get a new graphics card my price range is 0-250$ not that much but I want the best for my money I was wondering if someone can point me in the right direction please and thank you:D
  2. Xuniku

    PC .

    So my logic for cpu is , 2 cores is better for mc off , and which graphic card is good for csgo now . And explain which cpu is the best for mc off . Please and ty
  3. Heraxion

    Playing with multicore off

    Hello! As title saying im playing with multicore off. I got decent fps but wanna increase it little more and thinking of buying new graphic card. Will this help me or do i need to buy otherthings aswell when i play with only 1 Thread? My question is basicly will my fps increase if i buy better...
  4. Hantoszi55

    Leaguecheats Wallpapers and some Graphics

    Hello! I got denied for Graphic Recruitment so I want to share with you my work. I hope you enjoy! wixSanic LC's Logo (too big for <img>) LC's Dragon Lore Video Thumbnail