1. Dawnyy

    Does LC charge tax?

    Just want to make sure i put enough money into a gift card, since i dont own a debit or credit card unfortunately. :/
  2. ZULUL

    What kind of monitor

    Hey guys, was thinking about buying a new monitor should i buy the asus vg248qe . Does it offer good value for the money? Or do you have any other suggestions? I have a nvidia gtx 1060 6gb I've heard about a few benq monitors but i am not quite sure which one to get when i am on a budget.
  3. Aaron


  4. LC1337

    LAN Anti-Cheat ?

    Hey was wondering how could I know if a LAN use a specific AC ? Like a client/AC not supported by LC. Thanks :)
  5. baronkp

    Wish me goodluck

    Hello Boys! If anyone else qualified/ plan to go to CBE event, with the prizepool of 200.000DKK, i Wish you best of luck. Luckily my team and I, qualified the main event and will be playing in the "Pro tournament" to compete for 150.000DKK pool. Please wish me the best of luck...
  6. Animesh Joarder


    Hello sir is leaguecheats support esl anti cheat ????
  7. Thomisk

    Need a bit of help with paypal.

    So recently I just confirmed my debit/credit card on my paypal account,so I can finally send money to paypal with my bank account. I have the money,to buy the cheat,exactly the amount of 25 dollars,but paypal has token my money (like 1 dollar),to send me the code,that I needed to wrote to the...
  8. FD^GoD

    Pro scene cheats 2017

    What do you think guys about this actions? Does Emilio still cheating?
  9. B

    PSC cheat activation

    How cheat activation gonna look when i'll buy cheat throught psc?
  10. unholy

    Some questions

    Hey guys! I currently using another cheat provider and cheating on plenty accs, mostly raging but even doing some legit stuff. But now is the thing that I want to cheat on my main too... (legit ofc, not even walls) So I wonder how good security this cheat have? Can I cheat secure on my main? I...
  11. VladimirPutin

    Swedish shuffle

    Fnatic lineup; olof, dennis, wenton, lekro, twist Godsent lineup; flusha, jw, krimz, pronax, znajder whatup now swedes wooo wixSanic