1. pikachu

    CSGO Youtubers

    Hey guys. I am bored and I was looking at youtube for some nice csgo youtubers but all those that I am already subbed doesnt post that much. So I am here to ask if you guys know any good csgo youtubers :) Im looking for some global elite ranked to see nice matches. Also I appreciate...
  2. H

    First MM Today

    I have play my first MM today love LC and Insane cfg !!
  3. Dowiie

    No sub video 5k

    My sub ran out yesterday and i thought i will suck without cheats. I go in game and i destroy then some nice 5ks without cheat. I played better put cheat cause i'm afraid to go full ham with cheats. Against globals.
  4. T

    Few Clips (deathmsg test)

    I finally figured out how to manipulate the deathmessages. This is my first take on it thats why I am not using any campaths. I hope you guys enjoy it. :)
  5. T

    MM lol

  6. Aaron

    Ez MM

    Back story to this is: I got SMFC legitimately (I wasn't a bad player before I started cheating) then when the whole December patch that messed up gun values entirely came I went and joined Derankers and deranked my main. Thinking they wouldn't reverse it, I went to Silver - then a day later...