1. Resolved

    Frag Competition Edit| Part 2 To be Continuted?

    Song choice: Matrix Futurebound ft. Luke Bingham - All I Know (Rolling Out Mix)
  2. Resolved

    Cats ate my mic and now im stuck on Gay Laptop MIC

    Soo pretty much this cat ate my mic and now I'm stuck on gayyy laptop mic so this is my most recent vid with it. New mic comin soon..................................
  3. Aleixo

    Change IP

    Hey, can someone help me changing IP? my IP is static and im not sure if I'm able to change it without contacting the ISP. I tried turning it off during the night for about 10 hours, some guy said it would work, and it did change the last 3 digits like this "**.**.***.123". The "123" changed...
  4. L

    logitech 403 wireless problems

    anyone using logitech mouse that I have and having similar problems? Thinking about getting a wired zowie mouse or something since it fucking flips 180 degrees up in the air more often these last days.
  5. Jon18

    Vaccines cause autism

    Thoughts? what do you think about this topic. I'm one for non vaccine.
  6. LosAngeles

    How much FPS are you getting?

    I'm playing with MC OFF, Getting 160-220 FPS on most of the maps. GTX 970 i7- 4790 I played a bit with the CS CFG and got it, pretty simple, i saw better PC's on the forum getting lower FPS for some reason. How much you guys getting? :)
  7. Nicktendo13

    Gfinity and CEVO merge for $2.7M TDLR; Gfinity bought CEVO for $2.7mil. Crediting /u/intcompetent on Reddit for the link, but saw this and might mean same or new AC coming? Just some future speculation. Idk tell me what you...
  8. Jimster480

    CSGO Cheat Update 12/13/16

    Hey all, As you may have realized the new update broke the cheats for Inferno & Mirage (only for those maps as there are new models). There is a new update out now which fixes this, all other things remain the same. Please use the Login Updater to Download a new build! Thanks, Jimster480
  9. P

    And again.... leaguecheat > faceit