1. Resolved

    How Subroza Really Plays Csgo

    Just a little edit I made today for my channel as a sort of introduction to my knife cheating series but more as a joke/meme parody of the video "Subroza movie". Hopefully nobody hates it too much :p
  2. thegame

    buying a Laptop

    Hello all am planning to sell this beast to buy a laptop 1500-2000$ is the budget. Any suggestions ? PUGB DOTA 2 CSGO BF COD are the games that I play it should have SSD - and all the extra shit please post links with info. Thanks.
  3. Edwin

    Gaming laptop for $1300 (usd)

    Hi guys, Title says it all. I'm trying to purchase a new laptop (mainly for csgo) with $1300. Any recommendations? Yours, Edwin
  4. anotherlegend

    Your gaming place

    So on boiz, post pics of urs gaming set-ups, i think its will be intresting :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk