1. F

    Faceit Ac

    Hello, does anyone know what might be the problem, i created an account without playing a single match i was forced to download the client, i've never played faceit on the current hardware neither ip adress, didn't use same details of past accounts as well :/
  2. Resolved

    When I use Mouse 5 aimbot

    Edit: Apparently the whole enemy team found out my yt mid game and said they liked my vods 2:01
  3. Virus1x

    I wanted feedback from you the users.

    So we all love LC Jimster is a brilliant coder and as many of you know my oldest friend. I got to talking to him about LC and it's future and my future so after a detailed discussion we came to a somewhat agreement but I wanted feedback from users. Here's my idea. Jimster will not build against...
  4. Zoichooey

    Potentional Fortnite hack

    With Epic Games spending $100 million towards tournaments in Fortnite there competitive scene will grow a lot the coming years. Are there any plans on making a cheat for Fortnite?
  5. Oliver

    LC games

    Hey, what about other LC games cheat ? i've seen many people voted for PUBG so i want to know if jimster is working on something. I know that he already have a lot of work with the 3.0 but it can be cool. Cause cheating in MM become a bit boring.
  6. chimichangas

    convert controller to mouse

    Is there a way to trick a pc game to belive that you are using a controller? I want to test a additional aim assist in the game with the mouse. Are there any programs or way to do it out there?
  7. thegame

    PGL 2017

    Who will win 3 games and who will loose 3 games ? what are you picks and which 8 teams are going on?
  8. T

    FaceIt Supporter

    Hi everyone, I've one question, if i buy supporter on faceit, can i use LC with the supporter subscription ? Thanks ^^
  9. thegame

    Faceit cheats

    how is it possible for ppl to cheat with ac on i played 3 premium games where in 2 guys or 1 guys was literally cheating I don't know about esp but aimbot was clear 54 kills how is that even possible?

    looking for best gaming pc possible

    hey guys , I am looking for advice on what gaming pc to build/buy. My budget is maxed at $20000.
  11. Aaron

    Sixth Sense

    Still lost cause 3 of them were cheating hardass whilst I was just chillin' ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ These were with my legit settings, the deagle at 1.50 fov 8 super 4 smooth lmao
  12. D

    LC to stronk for MM

    globals 2k17 lul
  13. knox.ini

    I hope i dont get banned

  14. Zubrdwa

    Screen freez while playing games.

    Hello. I have a problem with freez while playing. it doesnt matter I play League of Legends, Counter Strike GO, Diablo 3 etc. Every 2-4 minutes I have a freeze for 2-3 secs. Everything is freezed, I just can move my mouse cursor. It is not possible my PC is too bad. Few months ago I had i...
  15. I

    trading games for Multi Cheat Options (ESP, Wallhack, Aimbot, Triggerbot and other features) 1 month

    games im trading -Starwars Battlefront -rank 5 -Overwatch - rank 5 Battlefield 4 - rank 19 comes with all games
  16. thegame


    Hello Anyone knows a site where we can download games for free ? I am looking for Cities Skylines if anyone can get me the English version its a steam game but maybe someone can get me the games link here please Make sure no viruses and i dont want any torrent thanks upfront!!!
  17. Aaron

    Just call me Fnatic.Dennis

    Might not be playing MM for a while simply cause cba with CS, played a few games today and this was my only decent clip out of 4 games.
  18. Aaron

    Can we just speak about "Next Gen consoles"?

    Like, you're around $250 - $300 for a console. $51+ a year for a Subscription. $60+ for a game. How is that legal? Like the games themselves are like $50 for a DIGITAL and an extra $10 for a blu-ray disc? How does that sales pitch meet people in the slightest way worth it? I'm so confused by...
  19. shahzam66

    I want to buy this cheat for does it gonna be ud there?
  20. anotherlegend

    Clutch 1v5 VS mousesports and pkd robsen

    Met denis and nex from mouz + robsen from planetkey on 9lvl faceit XDD