1. F

    Faceit Ac

    Hello, does anyone know what might be the problem, i created an account without playing a single match i was forced to download the client, i've never played faceit on the current hardware neither ip adress, didn't use same details of past accounts as well :/
  2. Virus1x

    I wanted feedback from you the users.

    So we all love LC Jimster is a brilliant coder and as many of you know my oldest friend. I got to talking to him about LC and it's future and my future so after a detailed discussion we came to a somewhat agreement but I wanted feedback from users. Here's my idea. Jimster will not build against...
  3. Zoichooey

    Potentional Fortnite hack

    With Epic Games spending $100 million towards tournaments in Fortnite there competitive scene will grow a lot the coming years. Are there any plans on making a cheat for Fortnite?
  4. Oliver

    LC games

    Hey, what about other LC games cheat ? i've seen many people voted for PUBG so i want to know if jimster is working on something. I know that he already have a lot of work with the 3.0 but it can be cool. Cause cheating in MM become a bit boring.
  5. thegame

    PGL 2017

    Who will win 3 games and who will loose 3 games ? what are you picks and which 8 teams are going on?
  6. T

    FaceIt Supporter

    Hi everyone, I've one question, if i buy supporter on faceit, can i use LC with the supporter subscription ? Thanks ^^
  7. thegame

    Faceit cheats

    how is it possible for ppl to cheat with ac on i played 3 premium games where in 2 guys or 1 guys was literally cheating I don't know about esp but aimbot was clear 54 kills how is that even possible?
  8. I

    trading games for Multi Cheat Options (ESP, Wallhack, Aimbot, Triggerbot and other features) 1 month

    games im trading -Starwars Battlefront -rank 5 -Overwatch - rank 5 Battlefield 4 - rank 19 comes with all games
  9. thegame


    Hello Anyone knows a site where we can download games for free ? I am looking for Cities Skylines if anyone can get me the English version its a steam game but maybe someone can get me the games link here please Make sure no viruses and i dont want any torrent thanks upfront!!!
  10. Aaron

    Can we just speak about "Next Gen consoles"?

    Like, you're around $250 - $300 for a console. $51+ a year for a Subscription. $60+ for a game. How is that legal? Like the games themselves are like $50 for a DIGITAL and an extra $10 for a blu-ray disc? How does that sales pitch meet people in the slightest way worth it? I'm so confused by...
  11. shahzam66

    I want to buy this cheat for does it gonna be ud there?
  12. HyperAim

    New MOBA

    Hey guys, Just wanted to let you know there is a new moba named "Paragon", made by epic games (Unreal tournament/developers of unreal engine used to power many modern games). It differs from League mostly in that it is 3D and "items" are cards that are RNG based (open up card packs and hope to...
  13. H

    faceit available

    hey lc community and players are cheaters on faceit I want to buy this software, but I need it only for games on faceit so I want to know, how long have you been playing with the software on faceit could you tell me more about it, if you don't mind
  14. E

    Legit Settings?

    Right now i'm playing games in LE and LEM yesterday i won 3 games with no suspicion besides one guy called me smurf but today one guy said i was toggling a lot ( was on the whole time ) and another thought I was triggering even though I wasn't but plan 2. Can u guys tell me your legit settings?