1. A

    HL1 CS 1.6 Gameguard cheat.. READ!!!

    Dear Cheaters :D anyone who is interested in purchasing an HL1 (CS1.6) cheat for gameguard, comment in this thread.. @Jimster480 jimster said "if the cheat has enough demand, he will code a cheat for gameguars once again. just comment here anything.. and PLEASE, no shitty attitude, only if u...
  2. Sluqx

    Black Squad Beta

    Hey guys, today is the official beta release of Black Squad, a free to play FPS like BlackShot, S.K.I.L.L, Crossfire, Alliance of Valiant Arms bla bla bla. You can still get keys from their stream and other sites like MMORPG or their twitter |...