1. Casper14788

    Multiple problems, after injection.

    So first things first, thanks for reading this and helping a noob out. So after creating a profile and running it, it works fine i hit f12 and the menu comes up, i go into a training map to try out settings and withing 20-30 mins it crashes my game and closes it, so i open the app up again but...
  2. Pollete

    Why when I go to the windows desk (cs and hack open), he will not let me in again

    Why when I go to the windows desk (cs and hack open), he will not let me in again.
  3. E

    Faceit anti cheat client

    It's not really clear whether faceit AC client is supported or not. When i read about the featues it clearly says that FAC is supported but when i read on the forums it's not available to everyone ? ??
  4. Jon18

    Forums fucked?

    Are the forums messed up for anyone else? Like I click messages and it redirects me to the homepage. Or I click on pre sale equestions sub forum and the screen goes white and says it's finished loading. @Jimster480
  5. P


    so the credentials on the checkout are for the loader? and to get vip on the forum you have to make a ticket?
  6. xswayer

    After payment pending

    Hello Leaguecheats Staff, My name is areum im new here, and i reviewed checked forums before buying hack. Ofcourse i purchased the hack. I've Purchased: Multi Cheat Options (ESP, Wallhack, Aimbot, Triggerbot and other features) NON LEAGUE Now to make sure everything goes smooth Could you...
  7. Z

    A Question

    So at Multiple Accounts thread, I've seen that you can get banned from the forums if you change ip. Can I change my ip without getting banned when I have the cheat?