1. Xuniku

    p7 fucked up :D

    Lel my friend who trust this p7 go buy their ultra lmao , now in unknowncheats and hacking discord full of leaked codes by p7 what the fak is this xD . They are shet chet provider ;D . Rip 115€ ;d . below are some shet memes of p7 forums wixSanic --- Double-post Merged (Please used the edit...
  2. L

    IP Bans

    Hi. I have an account in Leaguecheats which I am VIP. But, my question is: I am at WORK, another internet (different IP from my house). If I use the forums on my work PC (another internet provider and IP), will I get IP banned to use the hack? Or its just for the CLIENT hack? Because on my...
  3. Casper14788

    Multiple problems, after injection.

    So first things first, thanks for reading this and helping a noob out. So after creating a profile and running it, it works fine i hit f12 and the menu comes up, i go into a training map to try out settings and withing 20-30 mins it crashes my game and closes it, so i open the app up again but...
  4. Pollete

    Why when I go to the windows desk (cs and hack open), he will not let me in again

    Why when I go to the windows desk (cs and hack open), he will not let me in again.
  5. E

    Faceit anti cheat client

    It's not really clear whether faceit AC client is supported or not. When i read about the featues it clearly says that FAC is supported but when i read on the forums it's not available to everyone ? ??
  6. Jon18

    Forums fucked?

    Are the forums messed up for anyone else? Like I click messages and it redirects me to the homepage. Or I click on pre sale equestions sub forum and the screen goes white and says it's finished loading. @Jimster480
  7. P


    so the credentials on the checkout are for the loader? and to get vip on the forum you have to make a ticket?
  8. xswayer

    After payment pending

    Hello Leaguecheats Staff, My name is areum im new here, and i reviewed checked forums before buying hack. Ofcourse i purchased the hack. I've Purchased: Multi Cheat Options (ESP, Wallhack, Aimbot, Triggerbot and other features) NON LEAGUE Now to make sure everything goes smooth Could you...
  9. Z

    A Question

    So at Multiple Accounts thread, I've seen that you can get banned from the forums if you change ip. Can I change my ip without getting banned when I have the cheat?