1. kent5k

    Mouse problem

    With raw input 0, (needed for aimbot) When moving the mouse very slowly, it stops , or barely moves . like reverse mouse acceleration. any1 know a fix?
  2. FD^GoD

    Next CS:GO Update

    Release Notes for 3/24/2017 [GAMEPLAY] – Revolver and Negev have been removed from Competitive Matchmaking as they undergo substantial revision. – Revolver: — Firing delay significantly reduced – Negev: — New attributes to promote suppressive fire. — Reduced price. — New sounds that dynamically...
  3. Jimster480

    Updater is down [FIXED]

    Hey all, Due to these massive routing problems of this week the Build server is currently down. For this reason you will be unable to download any builds from the updater server. While that server is up there are no builds on it for you to download. I will attempt to fix this in a couple hours...